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5 Bathroom Lighting Ideas for 2020

Top 5 Bathroom Lighting Ideas for 2020

Renovating your old bathroom, building a new one or just desperate to be able to SEE as you brush your teeth? At Define Lighting, we get it. Bathroom lighting needs to tick a lot of boxes now days. It needs to be naturally bright, preferably with a dimmer option and visually appealing (and that’s just over the bassinet).

Often overlooked, bathroom lighting is kind of a big deal. You’re sure to be frequenting the bathroom at least once a day. To avoid any makeup mishaps, slips in the shower or just general confusion on your midnight toilet run; YOU HAVE GOT TO NAIL THE LIGHTING.

With that in mind let’s check out five bathroom lighting ideas that are trending for 2020!

Numero Uno – bathroom mirror eye level sconces

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Sconces at eye level on each side of the mirror is the ideal way to light up your bathroom’s vanity area (and yes it’s sconces not scones). A sconce gives the impression of a floating light as it is mounted to the wall. The design options are plentiful suiting all kinds of tastes. You could implore a medieval vibe with a traditional torch, keep things modern with a sheek electric light source or opt for a brass urban fixture. Alternatively, if your bathroom lacks space for two sconces, you can install back lights behind your mirror.

Number Two – bathroom accent lighting

bathroom accent lighting

A personal favourite of Design Lighting, accent lighting is a great tool in adding that va va voom element to your bathroom. For example, you could choose to install an accent light above the bathtub. Why? Because it will produce a warm, soft glow that will really curate a calming atmosphere during your soak time. If you desire the kind of bathroom with a little class, then add some accent lighting on a featured sculpture or artwork. This small touch can really lift the elegance of your bathroom.

Number Three – LED underlighting

At Define Lighting we ALWAYS supply our clients with LED lighting, as we can guarantee a lifetime without ever having to rechange the bulbs. That’s how good it is. LED underlighting can be a useful addition to illuminate the bathroom during the evening. Often referred to as ‘toe kick lighting,’ this trend is positioned under base cabinets providing a soft hue of light. You can have these lights come on with a flick of a switch or to automatically turn on at a certain point in the night or even have them as motion detected.

Number Four – coloured lighting

bathroom underlighting ideas

A popular trend we expect will increase in 2020, is coloured lighting throughout the bathroom! Depending on your style, mood or desires have your bathroom reflect this. Bathtime bliss featuring the softest red glow. Bright blue lighting in the morning to get you up and going. Or a tinge of pink to reflect your favourite colour and help you amp up for the night ahead. We recommend subtle coloured lighting as part of the underlighting or accent lighting. It is worthwhile to keep a standard bright natural light ready to go and have the coloured lighting as an added bonus! Coloured lighting can really add that wow factor in guest bathrooms too and have everyone going home wishing they had thought of it!

Number Five – all about that shower

shower underlighting trend 2020

For a lot of our clients, the shower is what makes up a great bathroom. It is visited daily, a place to unwind and wash off the day. As such, a growing trend in store for 2020 is feature lighting in or around the shower! You heard it here first. We are talking accent lighting from the roof down to show off that beautiful flow of water. We are talking shower spotlighting, giving the impression of it being the only thing in the room. And we are talking faded lighting to allow just enough light to see what you’re doing while creating a totally relaxed atmosphere.

Eye level scones, accent lighting, LED underlighting, coloured lighting and shower focused lighting are our top five trending ideas for your bathroom in 2020! Invest in the space you visit every day and explore the many creative options available for your bathroom with Define Lighting.

If you have a crazy lighting idea, we want to hear it and then we want to make it happen! Get in touch with a friendly member of our team BEFORE 2020.

Author: Jared

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